User manual

This is beginnings of a site builder manual for Simplo users, with information, tutorials, and resources to help you build your site.

This manual is written for users that wish to leverage the power of Backdrop CMS to build and manage their own site or as much of it as they can. Triplo stands ready to provide coaching, instruction, or to step in and help build the more complicated parts of the site for you (as needed). 

NOTE: A casual site builder with confidence can go a long way with Backdrop CMS on their own, however parts of the UI can get fairly complicated and you should recognize this up front. We are not suggesting that everything in this manual will be easy. In some cases, you will want to ask for help and/or additional instructions.

We will gradually be adding content and developing this resource as needed. 

Here is a quick tour of your Simplo Backdrop CMS site toolbar: