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In the midst of this global public health crisis, you might have an idea or organization in need of a website or web application, but lack the skills or resources to get it started.

Helping people realize their goals through online technology is what keeps us going, especially in times like these.

Tech alone will not solve our problems.

But, a website or web application can be a vital tool to help you accomplish your goals and make positive change in the world.

If you are looking to build a robust website, but need a little help to get started, register for our free online class OR simply spin up a free development site today and start to experiment.

Simplo will provide the following items free for the next 90 days: 

A Backdrop CMS starter template
• Hosting and Tech Support
• Video tutorials and open office hours
• Peer to peer chat support on Slack
• Low cost help implementing difficult features
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An video introduction to Simplo

Why build your site with Simplo?

  • Portability: Your site is build with Backdrop CMS and both the data AND the code are portable. If at any point you want to move your site elsewhere, you can take your site and move (we'll even help you do it).
  • Training and Support: Your Simplo site is built with Backdrop CMS, a full featured open source CMS. Accessing the power of Backdrop might require a little tutoring and support and we're here for that. We provide video tutorials, chat support, and regular offices hours. If you get stuck, we have developers that can step in and help you with the hard parts at a very reasonable cost.  
  • Shared Mission: We share your goal of making the world a better place, that why we are active contributors to the Drupal and Backdrop CMS communities. Both are powerful open source tools used by governments, non-profits, and mission driven organizations around the world. 


Playlist of Simplo video tutorials